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When two American women met the beggar children of Bangladesh, God moved their hearts to compassion. How could they reach these children with the love of Jesus?

The children in the slums of Chittagong, Bangladesh beg in order to help provide food for their families. What could just two women do? At first one of them brought some of the children into her home, only to discover that her middle class neighbors did not approve. Sometimes the middle class will hire guards to keep beggars away.

The plight of the slum girls particularly touched the ladies' hearts. In general, females are not valued. In this society, the education of children is optional, If a family can send only one child to school, it will be the son, not the daughter. These two women realized that these desperately impoverished girls had no hope of ever getting any form of education or job skills training. For girls such as these, mere daily survival is their primary concern, and human trafficking remains a constant threat.

With time and prayer, God gave these two women an amazing vision of how to minister to the vulnerable slum girls of Chittagong, Bangladesh and on September 3, 2006 the doors of the Light of Hope Center opened.

Light of Hope Center: Center's School


The Light of Hope Center (LOHC) is a day shelter for girls ages 8 until marriage, who live in the surrounding areas of Chittagong, Bangladesh. LOHC is open five days a week, providing up to 37 girls with the following ministry services:

  • Showers

  • Two healthy meals and snack food

  • Basic medical and dental care for the girls

  • Bible teaching, songs, and discipleship

  • Education according to the government standards

  • Basic English lessons

  • Job skills training

  • Financial assistance

  • Love and attention


In 2012, LOHC began a handicrafts ministry to help the older girls of the center learn a trade and earn an income. We also extended this opportunity to their mothers. This ministry is a vital component to LOHC's efforts to combat human trafficking The girls learn embroidery and sewing, and their sewing products are a beautiful reflection of their God-given talents. Each participant is paid a wage for hours completed as well as a per-piece price.

These items are now for sale in the US by ordering directly from this website. A full catalog is available both in print or via email.

Also, you are welcome to host a party featuring the Light of Hope Center. If that is the case, we will send you a package with the instructions, forms, and sample products you need. Then all you have to do is plan the event and invite your friends and/or family members. 

The sale of the handicrafts not only provides money to continue running the center and an income for the girls but it also helps the entire family as that money goes toward the needs of the entire household. 

Light of Hope Center: Handicrafts
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