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Light of Hope Center: special order

700 Bookmarks Ordered!!

Light of Hope Center: Specially made handbags

900 Bags Ordered!!

You see the products on the site. Now let's work together to make something unique for you and your group. If you have a ladies' retreat, mission conference, WMU meeting, teaching conference, or any other event, we can provide a custom gift for you to give to participants. We will work with you to provide a quality item. We can make a custom order for any number from 5 to 1,000. We will coordinate with you in regards to design and color.

We will give you top quality hand-made items.

We will give you a wholesale price so you can maintain your budgets.

We will give you as many items as you need.

We will give you the chance to make your meeting experience all the better.

You will give the girls a way to practice their skills at the center.

You will give the girls an ongoing job.

You will give the center the satisfaction of fulfilling your order.

You will give the center the money needed to continue operating. 

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