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The Light of Center (LOHC) is funded from three different sources:

1 Grants from Send Relief

2 Sales of Handicrafts

3 Private Donations

The director does not receive a salary and her expenses are not taken out of the LOHC accounts. LOHC is a 501 c3 non-profit organization in the US. All money coming in and out of the center is accounted for down to the Bangladeshi taka (1/2 penny).  With that said, the greatest need is prayer. You can ask to receive a monthly newsletter or continue reading for more prayer ideas.

SEND RELIEF (SR) (Website)

Send Relief is a disaster relief and community development  organization with a heart for helping people in desperate need. Send Relief seeks to demonstrate the love of God so that people in need have the opportunity to experience the full and meaningful lives God created them to enjoy. Send Relief's desire is to see people live their lives with hope and peace, inspired to raise their families in confidence, build their communities with dignity and share this life with others.


All (100%) of the money received from the sales of products goes to the center. Raw materials are purchased from local markets in Chittagong (much to the delight of the Chittagonian shopkeepers). A team of six older girls make the products. Every item made at the center includes a tag with the name of the girl who actually made the item. LOHC follows the guidelines set out by the international fair trade organization. 

   The pieces which are embroidered are all done by hand.. And because electricity is not a 24-hour constant, the sewing is done via both foot-pedal and electric machines. 

   The size and shape of the items are consistent with the dimensions listed. However, many items are unique both in color and design. We do this because each girl is unique and because we cannot always purchase the same color raw materials (cloth and even thread) when we shop.



Due to generous donations by people like yourself the LOHC has been able to maintain its core function since its inception in 2006. Along with giving to the general fund, you may also give for specific needs. Please leave a note specifying your sponsorship.

$20    Sponsor One Meal

We give the girls two healthy meals a day. For many girls, their meals at LOHC are the only food they receive throughout the day. The staff also are provided with meals.

$30    Sponsor One Girl's Training

Training expenses include teacher salary, girl salary, and supplies for one month. We start the 14 year old girls in the apprentice program to learn the skills necessary to make the finished products.

$60    Sponsor Girls' School Supplies

This will cover all the girl's school supply needs for one month.

$130  Sponsor Girls' Toiletries

This will cover all the girls' bathroom supplies (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.) for one month.

$500   Sponsor New School Books for One Year

$600  Sponsor One Girl

We will give you a girl's name, photo, and family information so you can know the girl. This will provide money to keep the center running.

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