Tanzim was one of our very first girls at Light of Hope. She joined the center in 2006 and has been coming faithfully ever since. She now works at Light of Hope handicrafts. Tanzim is 18 years old. She is a follower of Jesus. Tanzim’s family consists of two brothers, her sister, and her parents. Tanzim’s older sister is married and now lives with her husband. Tanzim’s older brother is married and his wife stays with their family. So six people live in Tanzim’s house. Her father is a security guard. Her mother works part-time in handicrafts. Tanzim’s older brother does not work; he spends his father’s money. His wife now has a baby. Tanzim’s younger brother is a garment’s worker. Tanzim, her mother, father, and little brother provide for the family. They have trouble running the family with the money they have left after paying the rent. There is not enough money for food at times. Tanzim wants to travel and see the world and is very adventurous. She is very happy she receives education through Light of Hope. She is thankful she can learn handicrafts and develop different skills. But she is especially glad she got to know about Jesus.

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Laizu started coming to Light of Hope in 2017. She loves coming here. Laizu’s family consists of four people. She has one brother. Her brother is a daily laborer and goes to work sometimes. Laizu’s mother has low blood pressure. Laizu’s father is a bus driver. Her father does not always stay with them. He spends 3 or 4 days a week with Laizu and her mother. He spends the rest of the time with his second wife. Laizu’s wish is to continue being at Light of Hope and learn to sew as well as study.


Rozy started attending Light of Hope in January 2017. She is 10 years old and loves school. Rozy regularly comes to school and tries to follow all the rules. She is an eager learner. There are four children in the family and Rozy’s older sister is in eighth grade. Another sister is in sixth grade. They go to a local free school. Her little brother stays at home. Rozy’s mother is a house helper and her father runs a tea shop next to their house. The live near the valley of a hill. Their family earns about $5 per day. Rozy’s parents’ earnings help run the family, the children’s education and food.


Ispiali started coming to Light of Hope in February 2017. She is almost 9 years old. Ispiali has two brothers and one sister. Her elder sister attends Light of Hope too. Her name is Rina. Rina has been coming to Light of Hope for four years now. Their family allows the girls to attend Light of Hope because the girls can learn to read and write from here. Ispiali is learning the rules of the center day by day. Ispiali and her family live on the top of a hill. During the monsoon season, there is always the danger of the hillside collapsing and a mudslide wiping out their house. They live in one room and cook outside. Ispiali’s father is a Muslim whereas Rina’s father was a Hindu. He is a driver. He does not support his family in any way. He drinks alcohol and spends his money on gambling. Her mother works part-time inn handicrafts.

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Razia is 10 years old and started attending in February 2016. There are five people in her family – father, mother, brother, sister and she is the youngest. Razia’s father is a daily laborer. Her mother, used to work as the cleaner for the center but now is a house helper for another family. Razia’s father is sometimes lazy so he doesn’t find work. He is also addicted to cigarettes and cannabis. Her parents divorced this year so life has been very hard for her. She is living with her mother and other siblings. Her father and mother are bringing court cases against each other so her life is stressful right now.


Yanna started attending Light of Hope in January 2017 and comes regularly. She doesn’t earn any money but she loves school. She follows all the rules and likes them. Coming to school has taught Yanna about discipline and love. Yanna lives with her mother, father, little brother, little sister, and aunt. There are six people living together in a very small place. Yanna’s father is a daily laborer. He goes to find work every day and earns $5 per day if he is hired. Yanna’s mother is a house helper. She goes to work every day at 8 in the morning and comes back at 3 in the afternoon. She earns $50 every month. This money is used to run the family and household. The money they earn is not sufficient, but they make the best out of it. The Light of Hope Center helps by providing Yanna with two healthy meals, vitamins, and doctor care as well as providing an education.


Khulsum has been attending Light of Hope ever since it started. She first received education from here. Khulsum’s family now consists of two brothers and two sisters. Their mother worked very hard to raise them. Khulsum did not have a father from a young age. Khulsum works in handicrafts. Khulsum’s elder sister is married, but her husband left her. Her sister has a 12-year old daughter. Khulsum’s sister and niece stay with them. Khulsum’s other sister, her husband, and daughter also live with Khulsum. They live together in Railgate. Khulsum’s sister, brother-in-law, and Khulsum’s salaries are stretched to cover all their needs.



Lili is one of our older girls. She started coming to Light of Hope in 2007. She has connected to the center ever since. Currently, Lili works at Light of Hope handicrafts. Through this school, Lili learned a lot about life. She is now a strong believer in Christ. Everyone in Lili’s family is Hindu. Lili has two sisters and a brother. Lili, Lili’s brother, and Lili’s parents stay in one house. Both of Lili’s sisters are married. Lili’s father is aged and has heart problems. Light of Hope helps pay for his treatment. Lili’s mother works part-time in handicrafts. Lili’s younger brother does not work; her father cannot work. Lili’s family runs with the money Lili and her mother earns. Her dream is to teach children about the Gospel.

Amila and Najia started coming to Light of Hope in 2006. When the sisters started attending, Najia was 7 years old, and Amila was 5 years old. Amila had no education before attending Light of Hope; Najia started her basic education from here as well. Najia and Amila’s family includes 7 siblings. Everyone except Amila are married. Najia just got married. so Amila provides money for the family. Najia’s father drives a rickshaw and sometimes works as a cook. The money he earns is not spent on family but rather in gambling and drugs. He is often sick. So Amila’s family always faces needs. But despite all the problems, Amila is a follower of Jesus. Amila loves to come to Light of Hope. She works and studies hard so she can apply what she learns to her life.


Sumiya is 13 years old. She started attending Light of Hope three years ago. When she started to come to the center, she had leprosy. It was discovered after she had had it for five months. After finding out and having a year of treatment paid for by the center, she is completely well again. Sumiya’s family consists of nine members – her parents, two brothers, and three sisters. Sumiya lives in the slum community at Railgate. Her father is a daily laborer. If he works, he gets 300 taka ($3.75) per day. Her mother works as a house helper and earns 3,000 taka ($37.50) per month. Sumiya’s elder brother is a driver. Her other brother and sisters do not study. Sumiya’s parents have asthma and her father smokes so they have many health problems. Sumiya likes Light of Hope and wishes to study hard and learn. She is in the training program in handicrafts so is learning to use a sewing machine and to make simple clothing.